Job title:  Electro-Mechanical Engineer
Job duties: Perform various automotive parts review, electro-mechanical analysis, testing, simulations and modeling to compare product technical features; analyze customer’s automotive parts, and prepare for presentations and implementation of the product; represent clients’ newly developed parts and provide report on preliminary and conceptual designs, models and technical drawings; attend technical and product development meetings where product design concerns are discussed, and facilitate communications between foreign suppliers and US automotive industries; identify all electro-mechanical issues of assigned accounts to assure complete customer satisfaction through all stages of application process.
Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical or System Engineering or related. 5 years experience in electro-mechanical experience with automotive industry.
40hr/wk, 8-5pm.
Send resumes to EMA-US, Inc. 14233 West Eleven Mile Road, Oak Park, MI 48237 or Attn: Scott Ritchie.


PHONE: 248-399-7400 Office . 248-399-743 FAX

ADDRESS: 14233 West 11 Mile Road, Oak Park, MI 48237


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